Welcome To The DFW GlobalCoWork

A Multicultural Coworking Space Empowering Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The  DFW Global CoWork is a multicultural community and coworking facility for entrepreneurs, startups, and freelancers. The objective of founder, Ann Massey Badmus, is to provide a diverse environment for entrepreneurs to launch and grow their business, and network with other business leaders. Ann believes in social and economic empowerment through business networking, training and skills development.

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Flexible Workspace, Large WorkDesk, and Environmental Friendly!

Conference and meeting spaces to meet  customers or your team.

Events and Professional Development opportunities made to help you succeed!

Network with other Entrepreneurs like you.

Who do we serve?

Startups, consultants, entrepreneurs, small businesses, solo practices and freelancers.


 It’s all about growing your business while maintaining low startup and operating costs. Get support from like minded person in our community. Why do we encourage diversity? Because we understand that many issues affect your business success. Let our diverse community help you improve your work-life balance, keep motivated and productive, and  spark your creativity